Powerfoil D

Big Ass Fans Powerfoil D Troubleshooting
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Powerfoil D

Big Ass Fans Powerfoil D Troubleshooting
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My Fan will not start.

Make sure all wires are securely connected and that supply power is adequate and functional. If the fan still does not start, contact Customer Service.

A Popping noise is coming from my fan.

Airfoil noise occurs when airfoils are not tightened to the specified torque. Disconnect the fan from power, and then tighten the airfoil hardware to 29 ft·lb (39.3 N·m). If popping still occurs, verify that the airfoils are not contacting each other. If they are, contact Customer Service.

Note: If the hardware is stainless steel, tighten the airfoil hardware to 10 ft·lb (13.6 N·m)

My Fan wobbles in operation.

Verify that all mounting bolts and the mount itself is installed properly per the Installation Manual, including the torque specification on the mounting bolts at 40 ft.lbs. Or 54.2 Nm. If fan is installed using a method not in our Install Guide, please consult with the Structural Engineer who designed the mount for more assistance. Make sure the fan is hanging plumb- horizontally level.

Verify the airfoils are all at the same level- that one blade or more is not higher or lower at the tip than any others. If this is the issue, verify the blades are installed properly including torque specification on the bolts at 29 ft. lbs or 39.3 Nm. If the Airfoil is deemed to be bent, please contact Big Ass Fans for a replacement blade. If the hub tab that the blade is attached to is bent, the whole fan assembly must be replaced. Do not attempt to bend a tab back into place or bend an airfoil back to normal.

If all of the above has been confirmed to be correct, and the fan still wobbles, please add Guy Wires as instructed in the Installation Guide.
Fan just installed but isn't working.

Check that it hasn’t been connected to three-phase power as these are single-phase fans.

Powerfoil D set to 100% but spinning very slowly.

Please check parameters here.

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