Big Ass Fans ® is on a “roll” with the all new AirGo®, the biggest and most innovative mobile vertical fan on the planet. This 8-ft. diameter, precision engineered Big Ass Fan is designed to maneuver with ease on its four 8-inch Performa rubber tread wheels and provide an immediate air movement solution wherever it is needed.
Easy-to-use, infinitely adjustable speed controls and well-balanced, 360-degree angle adjustments allow AirGo to provide large volumes of non-disruptive air movement in any direction. Its versatility takes it to spaces where placement of a large-diameter Big Ass Fan could be a challenge, and it thus includes a series of interlocking safety features, OSHA-compliant caging, and “safety yellow” powder coating for visibility and corrosion resistance.
Engineered with precision-machined internal gears and patented aerodynamic airfoils to ensure quiet operation, AirGo is easy to see and difficult to hear. In fact, AirGo can be seen — but rarely heard — indoors, on the sidelines at sporting events, in horse and cattle barns, or in attendance at special occasions. And with those four independent, heavy-duty locking swivel casters, it will stay where you put it!
AirGo provides cost-effective, energy-efficient air movement, ships directly to your door and plugs into any 115-volt, 20-amp outlet. Combining quiet operation with world class engineering, AirGo delivers the breeze without delay — where and when you need it most.