Barbecuing In Vietnam Is A Breeze With Big Ass Fans


Running an open-air barbecue restaurant in a city that stays hot and humid year-round is a challenge. Just ask Tim Scott, co-owner of Quan Ut Ut in Vietnam’s biggest metropolis, Ho Chi Minh City. But it’s a challenge Scott clearly loves: he’s now on his second restaurant, and it’s bigger than the first. For Scott, bigger is better, but it created a problem: the gigantic smoker grill is located close to customers and its intense heat made the dining experience unpleasant. Scott tried wall-mounted fans, but they didn’t do a great job. “When they oscillated, you’d get an occasional blast of air and that’s it.”


The owners of Quan Ut Ut positioned two Big Ass mobile Black Jacks on the ground floor, and the fans now create a constant, gentle breeze across the restaurant, making everyone more comfortable. And it’s not just the airflow that makes a big impression on visitors: Scott says the giant upright fans are real attention-getters for their massive good looks and Big Ass brand — people love to have their pictures taken with them. And the fact that the fans are quiet is very important. “They’re right next to the dining tables, yet our guests can still have quiet conversations.”

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“The Black Jacks make the barbecue restaurant much more pleasant. But what surprised us most is how impressed everyone is by the fans. People take pictures with them, and we’ve never seen that before.”

Tim Scott, Co-Owner