Big Ass Fans Outperform Competition In Architects’ New Headquarters


Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM) — the Malaysian Institute of Architects — recently opened a new 8-storey headquarters in Bangsar, on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. The building is an architectural and green-construction showplace that functions both as offices and a public space for architecture- and art-related events. 

In keeping with the organization’s mission of promoting forward-thinking design, the PAM Centre was built with five key design features in mind: timelessness, sustainability, practicality, innovation and economic viability. It received a Platinum rating — the highest possible — under Malaysia’s Green Building Index (GBI) thanks to its numerous green features, which include multiple 2.4m Essence fans by Big Ass Fans . The fans are located in the lobby and other areas that feature high ceilings. 


Architect Heikal Hasan of HMA Associates said although natural ventilation plays a key role in the building’s design, Kuala Lumpur’s tropical climate made additional air movement essential for occupant comfort. “Originally we had another brand of large diameter fans installed, but you couldn’t feel much breeze,” he said. “The Big Ass Fans are different — the airfoils are well-designed to push air, and they’re powerful enough to propel air down by almost 10 metres. You can really feel the air movement.” 

Because they’re so powerful, Hasan said, the Big Ass Fans can be used at very slow speed and still have a big impact on comfort. That creates added benefits: they don’t cause papers to flutter, and they’re much quieter than the HVLS fans that they replaced. And always important to architects are the aesthetics of a product: Essence’s exceptional looks get the attention of everyone who enters the PAM Centre.

Hasan said he would recommend Big Ass Fans to all architects seeking an energy-efficient comfort solution. Their good looks, silent operation and powerful air movement make them the perfect choice for virtually any green construction project.

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“There is virtually no sound compared to the previous brand of HVLS fan. At low speed, the air movement is still significant.”

Heikal Hasan, Architect