Sticks & Wombat Go With Big Ass Fans On The Block, Season 13


Every Aussie is familiar with the reality show The Block, where 5 couples compete to renovate houses and sell them at auction for the highest price. On the show’s 13th season, best mates Sticks & Wombat were fan favourites because of their fun-loving personalities, backed by a great work ethic and attention to detail. The pair made sure their house was not only of the highest quality, but that it reflected Sticks’ love of natural wood styling and Wombat’s devotion to green living. 

They knew they needed a cooling solution, especially for upstairs, but neither of them are big fans of air conditioning. “I always wake up really dry in the morning after having the air con on. I find that by sleeping with a fan on instead I get a better night’s sleep and feel better when I wake up,” said Sticks. Wombat added: “We knew the upstairs would get really hot in the summer, but I’m not a fan of air conditioning. I live off the grid and don’t even have air con!”


The two agreed that installing both ceiling fans and air conditioning in the house would allow potential buyers the option to use the fans by themselves or in conjunction with air con. “And if you’re going to put in ceiling fans, you can’t find better fans than Big Ass Fans ,” said Wombat. Sticks was instantly drawn to the Haiku fan in Caramel Bamboo. “I loved the propeller shape,” he said, “but the natural timber option was what really sold it for us as we love natural wood.” Wombat noted the cheeky brand name was also a great fit for them and of course, the energy efficiency was too.

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“Hands down, they’re the best fans! They really work, they’re energy efficient, and they look better than any other fan. I hate when you walk in somewhere and look up to see cheap, ugly looking fans. But Big Ass Fans are sexy!”

Wombat, The Block, Season 13