Media Coverage

Big Ass Fans Makes New York Times Shopping List

New York-based interior designer Michael Cox recently weighed in on finding the right ceiling fan for a designed space. Naturally, Haiku by Big Ass Fans made the cut! Check out the full New York Times article written by Tim McKeough here.

The New York Times mentions Big Ass Fans

Big Ass Fans is no stranger to the national spotlight. Most recently, the New York Times featured the Big Ass Fans Beer Fridge in its article on food and beverage perks at companies across the country. Check out the full piece, "There Is a Free Lunch, After All. It's At The Office."

Green Building & Design features Big Ass Fans

Big Ass Fans continues to lead the way as the industry innovator and thought leader in HVLS fan design and implementation. Green Building & Design Magazine recently featured Big Ass Fans in its "4 Things to Know Before Installing Ceiling Fans"  piece published in the January issue of gb&d....

ASHRAE Journal features Big Ass Fans engineer

Big Ass Fans ® engineer Christian Taber (MEMBER ASHRAE, BEMP, HBDP) was recently featured in the December 2018 issue of the ASHRAE Journal. Click here to read Christian's featured cover article on thermal comfort in heated-and-ventilated only warehouse.

The New York Times highlights Big Ass Fans

The New York Times cited Big Ass Fans ® in an article today about how ceiling fans work with air conditioning to more efficiently cool spaces. Writer Kendra Pierre-Louis noted how fans help better circulate conditioned air and use far less energy than air conditioners. Click here to read the...

Ad Age recognizes marketing at Big Ass Fans

Ad Age Columnist Drew Neisser published today an in-depth look at Big Ass Fans ’ approach to marketing. From the history of the company’s quirky name to the importance placed on potential customers experiencing the product, the article and accompanying podcast reveal how “humor and personality”...

Ideaing honors Haiku as ‘best of the best’

Smart home website Ideaing, which focuses on the latest and greatest in smart technology, today ranked Haiku® by Big Ass Fans ® as the “best of the best” among smart ceiling fans. “Haiku smart ceiling fans are the most versatile and most stylish,” writes Aiza Coronado. “Having received 75...

Popular Mechanics Takes Apart Haiku

Popular Mechanics has disassembled the Haiku® residential ceiling fan by Big Ass Fans ® for the latest entry in its popular "Things Come Apart" feature. Writer Kevin Dupzyk and photographer Todd McLellan meticulously disassembled Haiku’s 149 parts in 68 minutes and 48 seconds. Click here to see...

Big Ass Fans explains new law to ASHRAE Journal readers

ASHRAE Journal, the publication of the HVAC industry’s trade association, turned to Big Ass Fans ® to explain the U.S. Department of Energy’s new ceiling fan regulations. In a four-page article, the company offered guidance on testing methods. Click here to learn more.

ASHRAE Journal features Big Ass Fans engineer

Big Ass Fans ' principal engineer of codes and standards, Christian Taber, recently had a published ASHRAE Journal article on new federal regulations for ceiling fans. Click here to check out the full article.

Forbes recommends Haiku for smart homes

Forbes published today an article about top smart home devices and recommended the Haiku® ceiling fan by Big Ass Fans ®. "Prepare yourself, because I am going to seriously geek out on you about a ceiling fan," writes contributor Anthony Karcz. He raves about Haiku’s many features, including...