CSE2015POYGoldConsulting-Specifying Engineer has named the Big Ass High Bay LED a winner in its 2015 Product of the Year awards contest. Readers of the magazine selected the High Bay LED for the gold award in the Lighting Luminaires category.

Designed for long-term performance, the Big Ass High Bay LED maintains 70 percent of initial lumen output for up to 150,000 hours and offers up to 50 percent energy savings over metal halides. Unlike fixtures made of stamped sheet metal, Big Ass Fans’ LED lighting fixtures are housed in a single piece of anodized, extruded aluminum and deliver superior heat dissipation and impact resistance. The fixture’s patent-pending lumen maintenance trays protect the LEDs from dirt and debris, and an easy-access panel enables users to swap out drivers without taking down the LED. The High Bay LED is designed and engineered to be the last light you’ll ever need.

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