Cool-Space® 400 Evaporative Cooler

Ideal for production facilities, outdoor dining and gyms.
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Cool-Space® 400 Evaporative Cooler

Ideal for production facilities, outdoor dining and gyms.
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It’s hard to keep your cool when it’s too hot to think. That’s why we created Cool-Space 400, an evaporative cooler that brings the temperature down in factories, warehouses, outdoor dining areas, gyms, and fitness centers measuring 3,600 square feet (330 square meters) or under. With the self-contained, 46-gallon reservoir, your evaporative cooler will run for an impressive 10 hours without a hose connection for easy-breezy operation.

  • Suitable for cooling indoor or outdoor use
  • Quickly cool indoor and outdoor spaces up to 3,600 square feet (330 square meters) by up to 33 °F (18 °C)
  • Perfect portable evaporative cooler for production facilities, outdoor dining, and gyms
  • Variable-speed control that lets you pick the temperature
  • 36-inch (91-centimeter) fan diameter with 8-inch (20-centimeter) cooling media
  • 46-gallon (174-liter) reservoir lasts up to 10 hours without hose connection

Cool-Space 400: Quiet, Efficient, Safe

The quiet, energy-efficient operation of Cool-Space 400 makes it a fan favorite for providing comfort in indoor and outdoor spaces. Every Cool-Space model is also GreenGuard Gold certified to meet rigorous, third-party chemical emissions standards for air quality.
Cooling workspaces not only increases comfort, it increases productivity and safety. Cool-Space 400 cools an impressive 3,600 square feet (330 square meters) by up to 33 °F (18 °C)–keeping everyone cool, comfortable, and moving forward.

Ultimate Cooling Combo: Fans and Coolers

Combining Cool-Space evaporative coolers with Big Ass fans delivers a powerhouse cooling effect that’s second to none.

When you pair your Cool-Space coolers with our industrial overhead fans, cold air is distributed throughout your facility.

When used in tandem with overhead fans, Cool-Space coolers provide maximum cooling and coverage, silently delivering comfort and energy savings to your facility without costly A/C use.

Like a Portable Air Conditioner, But Better

When you need versatile comfort solutions, Big Ass Fans always delivers. What can we say, our units are just cooler than off brand options. Cool-Space 400 makes a perfect:

  • Fitness center evaporative cooler
  • Evaporative cooler for gyms
  • Factory evaporative air cooler
  • Warehouse air cooler
  • Outdoor dining portable air cooler
  • Patio cooler for restaurant
  • Portable evaporative cooler for outdoors
  • Portable evaporative cooler for business

SpecLab® Custom Airflow Analysis

Our proprietary SpecLab software uses 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to simulate our fans’ airflow in your space, giving you an accurate look at our fans’ performance before you buy.

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Defeat Extreme Heat

Getting beat down by extreme heat? It’s time to upgrade to a Cool-Space evaporative cooler! Take the first step by contacting a Big Ass Fans cooling expert to discuss your cooling needs, or get a risk-free custom quote. Call +65 6709 8500 to talk to an airflow expert today.