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Are there accessories for the Light Bar?

Big Ass Fans does not currently carry any accessories for the Light Bar. It does feature a 1/4”-20 threaded opening on the top end. This is a common thread for camera accessories, and compatible hooks and stands are commonly available.

How do I install the battery on the Light Bar?

To install the battery, insert the battery into the base of the Light Bar, and then rotate the locking ring until the indicator mark is above t
he “locked” icon. Test operation by pressing the button.

To remove the battery, rotate the locking ring to the “unlocked” icon and pull out the battery. Note: The battery has a gasket, and it can be a tight fit. It is best to hold the light bar in one hand, hold the twist lock in the other hand, and rest the battery on a solid object.

How do I check the battery level on the Light Bar?

To test the current level of the battery, press the “Push to Test” button one time.

Indicators Charge
Four solid 75 – 100%
Three solid 50 – 74%
Two solid 25 – 49%
One solid 10 – 24%
One flashing < 10%
How do I charge the Light Bar battery?

When you place the battery on the wall charger, the LEDs will start flashing after a few seconds to let you know the current level and what it is charging to. A fully charged battery will not light up when placed on the charger. It will light up if you press the “Push to Test” button.

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