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About The Garage Light (Legacy)

Can I dim the light on my Garage Light?

Garage light does not come wired to be dimmed by an external wall control.  However, there may be alternative methods. In this case, we recommend contacting Big Ass Fans Customer Service to discuss the options.

How many watts does Garage Light use?

Garage Light uses 122 watts, 1 amp at 120 volts.

Can I remove the 120-volt plug and directly wire my light to power?

Yes, the plug can be removed and the fixture can be hardwired as long as you follow all requirements set forth by the National Electric Code (NEC) and ANSI/NFPA, as well as any local codes. Code compliance is not the responsibility of Big Ass Fans.

What is the occupancy sensor’s range?

Optimal Detection — Under 7 feet from fixture

Good Detection — 7 feet to 11 feet from fixture

Limited Detection — 11 feet to 25 feet from fixture

Controlling The Garage Light (Legacy)

Can I adjust the settings on my Garage Light occupancy sensor?



To change the amount of time the light stays on when the room is unoccupied, remove the sensor’s lens, and adjust the set screw labeled “Time Delay.” The delay can be set  from 30 seconds (turn screw fully counterclockwise) to 30 minutes (turn screw fully clockwise).


To adjust the ambient light level at which the light will turn off when the space is occupied, remove the sensor’s lens, and adjust the set screw labeled “Light Level.” The light level can be set from a very dim 10 fc (foot-candles) to a very bright 120 fc. By default, the light is set to 120 fc. For most applications, we recommend leaving the light level at 120 fc.


This sensor comes preset from the factory to shut off ten minutes after the room is unoccupied. These settings can not be adjusted. If you have special circumstances where setting adjustments are required, please contact Big Ass Fans Customer Service at 1-+65 6709 8500.

Trouble with Something Else

Why does my light with occupancy sensor act strangely when I first power it up?

The occupancy sensor calibrates itself whenever the power is removed and reapplied.  The light may turn on for approximately 30 seconds before shutting off for approximately two minutes. During this time, the light performs the calibrations.

However, if the light was off when power was removed, the light will not turn on for the first 30 seconds; instead, it will stay off for those 30 seconds, and then remain off during the two minute calibration.

After two minutes, the light will operate normally. Because of this calibration process, we recommend not using a toggle switch for power on a light with an occupancy sensor.  If possible, connect the fixture to a continuous power source and let the occupancy sensor turn the fixture on and off.

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