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Vesper Technical Documents and FAQs


About Vesper

Can the heaters be used indoors?

Yes, both the 1500w and 3200w heaters can be used indoors. They can also be used outdoors, but perform best in areas with low breeze.

What is the lifespan of the bulb?

The lifespan of the bulb is 5000-7000 hrs.

Can I paint my heater?

No, we do not recommend painting the heater and if you choose to do it, the warranty will be nullified.

Can the heater be installed vertically?

No, the heater needs to be installed as per the manual only. Any deviations will void the warranty.

What is the warmup time?

Because the Vesper is a long wave heater, producing both convective and radiant heat, will take approximately 5 minutes until maximum output.

Are the heaters waterproof and can they be mounted in the rain and snow?

The heaters are not waterproof and need to be mounted under cover.

Do you offer protective covers for heaters when not being used?

No, we do not offer covers.

Can I Recess/Flush Mount the Vesper Heater?

No, the Vesper cannot be flush/recess mounted.


Controlling Vesper

Can the heaters be used in a coastal environment?

Our heaters are all aluminum construction, they will not “rust” like steel will but they are not completely corrosion resistant and require to be wiped down regularly to minimize the effect of being in a corrosive environment.

What’s the difference between 208v and 240v power?

Most residential power supply is 240v and most commercial power supply is 208v. A 240v heater powered with only 208v power will supply approximately 60% of the desired radiant energy. Do not use a 240V Vesper heater on 208V. do not use a 208V Vesper heater on 240V.

Do the heaters come with cords?

No, neither the 1500w or 3200w heaters come with cords. Heaters are recommended to be installed by a certified electrician with a GFI receptacle.

How do I control the Vesper? Does it have a remote?

A line voltage thermostat or a wired on/off switch should be used to control each heater. Most common line voltage thermometers are rated for 5000 Kw at 240v, 22 amps. Customers may also use an appropriately rated wall timer. We do not recommend using variable output controls on Vesper heaters.

Will these heaters integrate with building management systems?

The Vesper heaters do not come with any controls. Contact your local installer for integration using off the shelf thermostat or timer options.

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