How to Shop for Industrial Ceiling Fans

In every factory and warehouse across the country, you can find two kinds of employees. The first group is those who are in a comfortable environment with adequate airflow—and likely hard at work and productive. The second group is those who are hot, sweaty, and tired—and statistically far less productive. 

Maintaining pleasant and healthy work conditions is foundational to optimal productivity on the job, especially in positions involving physical labor. Industrial ceiling fans play a central role in providing proper air circulation and regulating body temperature. 

Yet finding the right fan that can keep your team feeling cool and staying focused can be easier said than done. With so many options on the market, sifting through the endless choices can be a frustrating task. 

We’re here to simplify your shopping experience. Below you’ll find a brief yet informative buying guide for industrial ceiling fans, including what sets the most effective products apart.

How Industrial Ceiling Fans Work

When most people consider making a room cooler, their first thought is to lower the temperature. However, large, open spaces like warehouses and factory floors face two significant challenges: first, it is very expensive to install and run HVAC systems; and second, it is very difficult to consistently keep those massive spaces at a cooler temperature. AC installation alone can run tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the expense of operating these units—especially in very hot and humid climates—is unreasonably pricey. 

That’s why so many industrial settings have turned to ceiling fans in recent years. These high-volume, low-speed fans can provide optimal ventilation and air circulation throughout the building, particularly in areas where employees are working. The breeze distributed by the industrial ceiling fans flows across each person’s hot, sweaty skin. The airflow from the fan helps to evaporate sweat more quickly, which makes you feel cooler.

Effectiveness = Value

One of the first things to keep in mind when shopping for an industrial ceiling fan is not to be led by price. Not all ceiling fans are created equal, so opting for the cheapest model won’t likely get you the results you’re looking for.

Remember, by creating a more comfortable environment, industrial ceiling fans can boost worker morale and productivity. Employees are better able to focus and perform tasks more efficiently if they’re not battling uncomfortable temperatures or poor air quality. Higher productivity means higher profits for your company.

It’s an investment with significant payoffs—if you understand how each fan’s features, level of quality, installation, and manufacturer support make a difference in its overall performance. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to industrial ceiling fans. Look for industrial ceiling fans that excel in the following areas: 


The dimensions and layout of a building determine the size, model, and number of fans needed for the most efficient air circulation. Since the majority of consumers lack the expertise needed to calculate the right configuration, look for a brand that offers to measure and analyze your space for you (preferably for no additional cost). 


The most effective industrial ceiling fans combine energy-efficient motors and parts with the ability to provide maximum airflow. Even with higher initial costs, the most energy-efficient models provide excellent performance without driving up your electricity costs. In fact, the best brands can save you up to 30% on your energy bills.


Factory and warehouse settings can be particularly tough on ceiling fans, so be sure to opt for highly durable materials like aircraft-grade aluminum and steel that can withstand the rigors of an industrial setting. Look for sealed gearboxes, high IP (ingress protection) ratings, and grade-8 hardware—the hardest and strongest kind you can find in the ceiling fan industry.


Unfortunately, the status quo on manufacturer warranties tends to be the bare minimum that consumers will tolerate. The highest quality products—industrial ceiling fans included—also offer the best warranties because their makers stand behind their work. A long-term warranty, either standard or extended, provides an extra layer of value to protect your investment. 


Even the greatest ceiling fan in the world will fall short in its effectiveness if not installed properly. Putting a hardware store ceiling fan in your bedroom is not the same as installing a 24-foot-wide behemoth in a warehouse. The job must be performed by a professional who can ensure its attachment, calibration, and integration with other systems are done according to the manufacturer’s standards. 


The best industrial ceiling fans can last for decades—if they’re regularly cared for and kept in optimal condition. Some makers provide annual maintenance plans that ensure your fixtures are always tuned up and ready to do their hard work.


Unwanted noise can be quite disruptive in many industrial operations. Fortunately, bigger and better doesn’t have to mean louder. When you’re comparing various models, keep an eye out for industrial ceiling fans with noise-reduction features that provide a silent or near-silent operation without sacrificing air circulation quality.


How certain are you that your industrial ceiling fan can hold together and withstand an accident? If something flies up and hits the fan or one of its blades, will it hold together and keep working? The world’s top-tier industrial ceiling fans are ultra-durable, so always shop for products that come with redundant safety features to keep your team as safe as possible.

Extra Features

Most industrial ceiling fans offer a wide variety of standard and/or optional features, including:

  • Size, style, and color options
  • Remote controls and access panels
  • Fire relays
  • Integration with HVAC, security, and fire suppression systems
  • A functional platform for easy connection to lights, security cameras, occupancy sensors, or other devices
  • Installation configurations such as I-beams, bar joists, and purlins
  • BMS integration upgrades

Industrial Ceiling Fans From Big Ass Fans

Renowned for engineering and manufacturing the world’s highest-rated industrial ceiling fans, Big Ass Fans engineers, designs, and constructs every component to withstand the harshest industrial setting conditions. It’s no wonder more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies use our fans in their factories, warehouses, and other facilities.

We’ll even perform an analysis of your building using our proprietary SpecLab® computational fluid dynamics software, which involves measuring the layout of your facility and providing a visual representation of how our fans will perform in your space. 

Contact us today for a free customized analysis of how our industrial ceiling fans can enhance air circulation in your building.

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