Big Ass Fans ® today announced AirEye, the first fan of its kind to detect motion and shut off automatically. AirEye is the quietest, longest-lasting, easiest-to-clean, highest-efficiency personal cooler ever made.
Existing directional fans often break down, make excessive noise, have limited speed settings, and are inefficient and difficult to clean. AirEye improves upon every shortcoming:

  • AirEye’s motion sensor ensures it only operates when workers are present, saving energy effortlessly during shift changes, breaks and shutdowns.
  • AirEye moves up to 48 percent more air than other fans, enough to create a breeze one-third of a football field away.
  • Patented airfoils produce less noise than any competitor, even at full speed.
  • Its 7-year, full warranty is more than twice as long as the industry average.
  • AirEye’s electronically commutated motor operates 50 percent more efficiently than typical directional fans.
  • The infinite speed control allows the fan to operate at 1 to 100 percent of full speed, rather than the typical two to three settings.
  • Protected by an epoxy-sealed and powder-coated cage, AirEye’s hub and airfoils will endure years of daily use.

AirEye is available with a variety of mounts, including I-beam, C-channel, wall, swivel and portable pedestal. Its IP65 rating means that washing AirEye is as simple as hosing it down. And with its easy-to-remove cage and components, cleaning tough-to-reach dust and dirt buildup is easy.
AirEye comes in 20-, 24- and 30-inch diameters, and is available to order now. Visit for more information. To download images of AirEye, click here.