Big Ass Fans ® announced today that Canadian owners of its Haiku® residential ceiling fans can now control them using Amazon’s Echo and other Alexa-enabled devices.
Haiku is the first ceiling fan to offer voice control for Alexa users in Canada.
Just in time for warmer spring temperatures, these commands allow users to turn Haiku on and off, change speeds and adjust light intensity, all hands-free. They work with all Alexa-enabled devices.
Haiku ceiling fans feature built-in temperature, humidity and occupancy sensors for automatic speed adjustment as environmental conditions shift. The Alexa voice commands allow for easier manual overrides when a setting change is desired, like increasing the fan’s speed after a run or dimming the light to watch TV (without moving from the couch). Incredibly popular with U.S. consumers, Haiku receives hundreds of thousands of unique voice commands monthly from Alexa users.
Expanded voice control through Alexa is the latest example of Big Ass Fans ’ continued leadership with connected devices. The company introduced Haiku with SenseME®, the world’s first connected ceiling fan, in 2014, and pioneered this integration with Amazon in 2015. Big Ass Fans ’ extensive engineering team continues to develop partner integrations and release new features, including specialized modes to help homeowners save energy year-round.
The Alexa commands work with all WiFi-enabled Haiku ceiling fans sold in Canada, where Big Ass Fans has an office in Mississauga outside Toronto. Opened in 2014, the office expanded to nearly 20,000 square feet in 2016 and employs more than 20 with sales tripling over that time.