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AMSOIL Inc.’s 450,000-sq-ft (41,800-sq-m) metal facility was a harsh work environment for employees during cold winter months. Ceiling temperatures were up to 30°F (16.6°C) higher than those at the floor, which meant wasted money on heating, but no heat where it was needed most. An automated heating system combined with standard ceiling fans couldn’t push warm air down fast or far enough. AMSOIL Inc. needed a cost effective, efficient solution to reduce energy use and keep employees comfortable.


AMSOIL Inc. installed six 24-ft (7.3-m) and two 14-ft (4.2-m) diameter Big Ass Fans ® to gently recirculate heat down to the occupant level and create even temperatures within the facility. Once AMSOIL Inc. installed Big Ass Fans , the temperature difference between the ceiling and floor dropped to just one degree, decreasing the company’s gas consumption by 35 percent. Employees felt the difference too — overall productivity increased and employees no longer felt the need to wear coats all day.

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“We didn’t expect to save so much on heating – the heaters hardly ever kick on now. Plus, employees aren’t wearing their jackets anymore. These fans make a big difference!”

Jack Swonger, Maintenance Manager