The U.S. Army Aviation Logistics School At Ft. Eustis


Each year, 3,500 students train to be helicopter mechanics at the United States Army Aviation Logistics School at Fort Eustis, Virginia. Because the school sits on a peninsula, the heat and humidity can be intense in summer and severely hinder students’ ability to concentrate. A collection of noisy, power-hungry pedestal and barrel fans did little to remedy the situation. The School needed an energy-efficient air movement solution to improve comfort throughout the 800,000-sq-ft (74,322-sq-m) facility.


Fort Eustis installed 10 overhead Big Ass Fans ® throughout the facility. The silent fans keep air moving and make the helicopter mechanic labs more bearable in summer. In winter, the Big Ass Fans gently push down heat trapped at the ceiling, keeping the spaces warm and lowering heating bills. In smaller spaces, the 8-ft mobile AirGo® and 6-ft diameter (2.4-m) Pivot fans now send airflow exactly where it’s needed, moving massive amounts of air while providing energy savings and comfort year round. The students love them, and now they can focus on their lessons instead of their discomfort.

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“Everyone appreciates the air movement. Before the Big Ass Fans , the space was uncomfortable, and students had a difficult time learning in that hot environment. Now students stay focused and concentrate more.”

Bruce Bulger, Project Officer