Peter Kiewit Infrastructure


Antonio Santini and the design team at RED Studio Architects wanted to provide the Peter Kiewit Infrastructure Co. with an innovative, environmentally conscious alternative to traditional HVAC design. The ductwork required by such systems is unsightly and costly, both initially and long-term. RED Studio Architects prides itself on design solutions that take into account occupant comfort, health and well-being, so they devised an unconventional strategy for an efficient, effective system that also achieved aesthetic brilliance.


RED Studio utilized 17 Essence® fans by Big Ass Fans ® to move air through the construction company’s 33,000-sq-ft (3,066-sq-m) office space. The increased air movement allowed for much smaller rooftop HVAC units that require little ductwork. The Big Ass Fans – each with its own control – then push the conditioned air to floor level, efficiently cooling the space and maintaining a high level of air quality. RED Studio’s careful planning paid off for the office – literally. The fans’ cost was entirely offset by reducing the mechanical costs associated with a standard HVAC system.

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Big Ass Fans were a no-brainer. The energy efficiency alone sealed the deal. The way it’s worked out from the mechanical, design and air quality perspective, I would use this system again and again.”

Antonio Santini, Architect & Founder, RED Studio Inc. Architects