Woodall Dairy Farms


Jimmy Woodall, co-owner of Woodall Farms, needed an effective and inexpensive way to reduce heat stress and keep his herd of 650 cows healthy and productive. Woodall previously used noisy, ineffective turbo fans, which only moved air in a small, direct stream. The inefficient fans barely cooled the cows and used a lot of energy for little benefit, costing Woodall about $3,500 per month to operate.


Woodall Farms installed 25 Big Ass Fans ® to circulate air and eliminate “dead spots” throughout the free stall barn, milking parlor and compost barn. Since installing the fans, Woodall’s herd has experienced fewer respiratory problems and a ten-pound increase per head during the summer months. The constant air movement improves overall air quality, sweeps unpleasant odors out of the barns and gives the herd a cool breeze at all times, at about half the cost of the turbo fans.

Featured Product

“I was cooling 150 cows with the turbo fans for $3,500 a month. Now, I cool 650 cows for $1,900 a month. You can barely hear these fans running and they move a lot of air. Big Ass Fans are the greatest fans I have ever purchased!”

Jimmy Woodall, Manager and Co-owner of Woodall Farms