Private Hangars


While the perks of a personal hangar are sweet, heating, cooling and maintaining comfort within can be a beast. Big Ass Fans® has learned to combat these challenges, leading to a more comfortable environment and significant energy savings.

Spanning up to 24 feet (7.3m) in diameter, Big Ass Fans move air throughout your entire space, from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, including up and over obstructions-even big ones like aircraft. This airflow pattern ensures air reaches all corners of the hangar, maintaining consistent conditions throughout, eliminating condensation and warding off birds and pesky bugs. (And looking really cool doing it.)


Make your hangar the preferred hangout. The perceived cooling effect of air movement—which Big Ass Fans has perfected—can make a person feel up to 10°F (5.6°C) cooler during the hot summer months.

We know hangars are difficult and expensive to heat in the winter. While heat rises, people generally do not—on their own power, anyway. As warm air is pumped into a space, it heads to the ceiling while folks at ground level are left in the cold. Slowing your Big Ass Fan gently redirects that warm air at the ceiling back down to floor level—making you comfortable and creating a uniform temperature. From an energy standpoint, the result is similar to turning the thermostat down 3 to 5°F (2 to 3°C), which translates into a serious reduction in operating costs. That means plenty of blue skies ahead.

Our aviation specialists understand your space and your budget.

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