A joyous occasion, a great meal and a dance-worthy band are a few of the key ingredients to a successful event. But provide an uncomfortable venue, and that will be the only lasting memory.

Big Ass Fans® greet guests in foyers and vestibules; they can be found lingering at the bar or in the conference center where they gently and silently move air to ensure patrons remain comfortable—without fluttering napkins or distracting from table conversation.

Working hand-in-hand with A/C systems, Big Ass Fans provide an additional 10°F (5.6°C) cooling effect and evenly distribute conditioned air throughout the space. Managers can utilize these energy-efficient fans to maintain occupant comfort with a higher A/C set point, saving money without sacrificing comfort.

In winter, slow your Big Ass Fans to gently redirect rising warm air back down to floor level to improve guests’ comfort and reduce heating expenses. Even though the thermostat setpoint remains the same, the heating system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain that temperature as doors are repeatedly opened and closed. Nothing says “Make yourself at home” like a warm and cozy space!

Big Ass Fans also offers customizable control methods – from wireless controls that let users control all fans from one central system, to completely automated, hands-free controls – so managers are free to focus on their guests, not their comfort level.


Create a more inviting patio with Big Ass Fans’ covered-outdoor-rated fans to improve comfort outdoors while adding to your establishment’s curb appeal.


Transient spaces such as stairwells, atriums, vestibules and lobbies are more than just a path from point A to point B – they’re also some of the most wasteful areas in any hospitality venue, spewing conditioned air outside every time someone opens the door. Our studies show Big Ass Fans can reduce energy use by up to 30 percent in transient spaces while drastically increasing comfort.


If you’re seeking LEED designation for your facility, Big Ass Fans has more than 40 LEED-accredited design team members ready to assist you during any stage of the design process–from initial designs to final installation. We’re also happy to send Revit® files, technical specs or even help you through the LEED process.

Our hospitality specialists know service. Let us spoil you, so you can focus on your guests.

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