Office Space


Always on time, never leaves early, works hard all day … wouldn’t it be nice if you could say that about all your employees? Big Ass Fans® operate year round, providing much-needed air movement quietly and efficiently.

Big Ass Fans work hand-in-hand with HVAC systems to provide a 10°F (5.6°C) cooling effect while evenly distributing conditioned air. Maintaining comfortable conditions with a higher A/C set point saves you money without sacrificing comfort. Big Ass Fans also augment natural ventilation, so you can turn off the A/C altogether.

In winter, slow your Big Ass Fans to gently redirect rising warm air back down to floor level to improve employee comfort. The steady mixing of air creates a uniform temperature throughout the space. Even though the thermostat setpoint remains the same, the heating system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain that temperature. From an energy standpoint, the result is similar to turning the thermostat down 3 to 5°F (2 to 3°C) degrees, which translates to a serious reduction in operating costs.


Studies have shown that more comfortable workers are safer, happier and more productive. A single Big Ass Fan can replace dozens of small, noisy overhead and pedestal fans while using only a fraction of the energy.


Transient spaces such as stairwells, atriums, vestibules and lobbies are more than just a path from point A to point B – they’re also some of the most wasteful areas in any office, spewing conditioned air outside every time someone opens the door. Our studies show Big Ass Fans can reduce energy use by up to 40 percent in transient spaces while drastically increasing comfort.


If you’re seeking LEED designation for your facility, Big Ass Fans has more than 40 LEED-accredited design team members on staff, ready to assist you during any stage of the design process–from initial designs to final installation. We’re also happy to send Revit® files, technical specs or even help you through the LEED process.


To make your life a little easier and your facility run a little smoother, BAFWorks® offers a user-friendly interface that enables you to network and control your fans, lights and ventilation equipment from a single location.

Our design specialists understand offices. We can help with anything from uncomfortable employees to LEED® certification. 

Call us now at 877-244-3267, or request a quote to learn more about the most efficient comfort solution for you. Or shop our online store today!