Higher Education


From bookstore rotundas to natatoriums, vast recreation centers to open-air stadiums, and even dorm rooms, Big Ass Fans® take top honors in year-round comfort.

Given today’s versatile university environment, campuses operate more intelligently than before, often serving a variety of activities under one roof – from a basketball court by day, a concert venue in the evening, orientation in the fall to graduation in the spring. These multi-use facilities generally create high-occupancy densities and have a greater need for air circulation.

Plus, think of all the more forgettable places you walk through to get to those interesting places on campus – stairwells, vestibules and lobbies, for example. These spaces are often viewed as just a way from point A to point B, but they can be a huge waste of energy, sending expensive conditioned air out the door every time someone walks through. Our studies show fans in stairwells and other transient spaces can save up to 30 percent of heating costs, and greatly enhance comfort year round.


In facilities without air conditioning, Big Ass Fans’ 10°F (5.6°C) cooling effect improves comfort without the noise that accommodates numerous small high-velocity fans. They also augment A/C systems’ cooling effect and evenly distribute conditioned air throughout a space. Facility managers can utilize energy-efficient Big Ass Fans to maintain occupant comfort with a higher A/C set point, saving money without sacrificing comfort.

Big Ass Fans are the intelligent choice in winter, too. Slowing your Big Ass Fans gently redirects warm air collected at the ceiling back down to the occupants’ level. This not only improves their comfort; it also reduces your heating expenses by as much as 30 percent. What an easy way to earn extra credit!


It’s a fact of life—school budgets are always tight. Finding ways to cut costs, save energy, and keep students and teachers comfortable and focused are constant concerns when designing or renovating schools. With that in mind, we worked with architecture and engineering firms to put our fans to the test in a variety of educational facilities. After months of research and extensive testing, the result is a library of case studies and white papers that demonstrate the benefits of Big Ass Fans in educational environments. Check them out!

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