Your customers will thank you. Your technicians will thank you. Even your HVAC system will thank you. Air movement goes a long way when maintaining comfort in both conditioned and non-conditioned spaces. Big Ass Fans® create more productive, safer and more comfortable environments for your employees and clients.

Spanning up to 24 feet (7.3m) in diameter, Big Ass Fans move air throughout the entire space, from floor to ceiling, wall to wall and up and over obstructions. This airflow pattern ensures air reaches all corners of your facility, maintaining a consistent temperature throughout.


Studies* have shown that comfortable workers are safer and more productive. The perceived cooling effect of air movement—which Big Ass Fans has perfected—can make a person feel up to 10°F (5.6°C) cooler in the hot summer months, whether operating solo or coupled with an HVAC system.

In winter, poorly insulated workshops and other tall spaces are expensive to heat. While heat rises, technicians at ground level are freezing their ratchets off. Slow your Big Ass Fans in the colder months to gently redirect warm air collecting at the ceiling back down to occupant level, improving comfort and reducing your heating expenses. Even though the thermostat setpoint remains the same, the heating system does not have to work as hard to maintain your desired temperature at floor level. That can translate into savings up to 30 percent on heating costs and gains of up to 100 percent on technician happiness.


Fans with patented gearless motors eliminate the slight mechanical noise that can be created by gearbox friction, while advanced onboard controls prevent electrical “noise.” Operating quietly, even at maximum operating speed, commercial Big Ass Fans are ideal for use in these sound-sensitive areas. You can also customize your Big Ass Fan to fit with your showroom’s décor.


To make your life a little easier and your facility run a little smoother, BAFWorks® offers a user-friendly interface which enables you to network and control your fans, lights and ventilation equipment from a single location. Sorry, BAFWorks is available only in the U.S.

*Seppänen O, Fisk WJ, Faulkner D. 2003. Cost benefits analysis of the night-time ventilative cooling. In: Proceedings of the Healthy Buildings 2003 Conference, Singapore 2003

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