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Year-round comfort for year-round play.

Exceptionally designed for exceptional comfort and performance. All year-round.

You shouldn’t have to rely on the weather to use your home’s best features. Extend your enjoyment of your outdoor spaces with a year-round comfort solution from Big Ass Fans. Simple and elegant, Haiku® L Outdoor patio fan keeps summer days feeling breezy and effortless. When the weather turns cold, Vesper® patio heaters turn indoor weather into late-night porch hangouts. Do more hosting, more relaxing, and more living with Big Ass Fans and heaters.


The fan of choice for champions of comfort, design, and performance.

When summer temperatures keep hitting new highs, even a covered porch can’t provide relief from the heat. That’s where our Haiku L Outdoor ceiling fan comes into play. Featuring hybrid resin airfoils and stainless steel components to prevent sagging and corrosion, iHaiku L Outdoor offers an industry-leading IP rating and internal accelerometer to protect against wobbling and over-spinning in heavy winds and inclement weather.


Comfort without compromise. Even when it’s cold outside.

If you like hanging out in the great outdoor, even when the weather turns cold, our Vesper Outdoor electric heater will warm your heart and your covered outdoor space. Featuring a sleek esthetic and zero light emissions with no red glow, Vesper Outdoor is safe for semi-enclosed outdoor spaces and indoor rooms and is constructed for years of worry-free operation no matter what weather the fall and winter seasons bring.