Big Ass Fans® was recently named to the 2016 Top Green Providers list, an annual guide by Food Logistics recognizing companies whose products, services or exemplary leadership enhance sustainability within the food and beverage industry. The recognition acknowledges Big Ass Fans’ dedication to excellence in fields of design and technology.

Based in Lexington, KY, Big Ass Fans allots 7 to 8 percent of sales to research and development—twice the industry average. As a result, the company has developed the most efficient and innovative fan and lighting solutions available.

Beyond research and development, Big Ass Fans establishes and maintains strong relationships with customers, using direct consumer feedback to drive the direction of the company. Big Ass Fans is able to glean information directly from customers about energy and cost savings as well as performance and durability of products.

Big Ass Fans and Big Ass Light LEDs are used at all stages of the food industry – from harvest, to distribution to retail – to reduce energy use while keeping workers and customers comfortable.