Big Ass Fans® is honored to receive two more awards, as both AirGo® and Powerfoil®X were named winners of the coveted Plant Engineering Product of the Year award in the HVAC category.

The Gold Product of the Year winner is the 8-ft. vertical AirGo, designed to maneuver with ease over a variety of terrain and provide immediate relief when temporary cooling needs arise. AirGo delivers cool breezes half the length of a football field, yet is quiet enough to carry on a friendly conversation directly in front of the fan, making it a perfect addition to a construction site or an outdoor wedding. Easy-to-use, infinitely adjustable speed controls and well-balanced, 360-degree angle adjustments allow AirGo to provide large volumes of non-disruptive air movement in any direction. From the heavy-duty steel tubing and rigid screen to the high-efficiency motor and gearbox, AirGo is made from all-welded construction for unmatched durability. Fully assembled on wheels, AirGo is ready for action.

The silver award winner in the category goes to the 8- to 24-ft. Powerfoil X, the most advanced, durable and adaptable industrial fan on the planet. Its materials, precision machining and functionality are based on years of unparalleled research and development, while employing innovative concepts never before seen in industrial fans. Using a patented aerodynamic airfoil and winglet combination to create maximum airflow along with the purpose-built, permanently sealed NitroSeal® gearbox to end maintenance worries, Powerfoil X is the most reliable industrial fan ever built.

Product of the Year finalists were selected by a panel of industry experts. Category winners were then chosen by qualified Plant Engineering readers.