Big Ass Light Bar

Big Ass Fans® is building the world’s toughest and brightest battery-powered LED work light and offering it first through Indiegogo.

The Big Ass Light Bar was built to uncompromising quality standards. Its durable design makes it ideal for hardworking Americans in the toughest, dirtiest jobs, such as mechanics, contractors, truckers, oil rig workers and first responders. Its ability to survive being doused and dropped also makes it the perfect work light for serious outdoor and auto enthusiasts.

Big Ass Light Bar’s features include:

  • Six distinct brightness settings, from 80 lumens to 5,000 lumens (more than any other battery-powered LED work light).
  • A 180-degree light angle, which allows Big Ass Light Bar to light entire rooms.
  • A high-capacity rechargeable battery that provides 1.5 hours of illumination at the brightest setting to 48 hours at the dimmest.
  • A durable body made from extruded aluminum, as well as high-quality polymers, resins and rubberized components, that make Big Ass Light Bar all but impervious to impact, dust, grime and chemicals.
  • An IP66 wet rating, which allows Big Ass Light Bar to be scrubbed and hosed down, or used in the rain.
  • A distinct octagonal shape that prevents Big Ass Light Bar from rolling away when dropped.

The Big Ass Light Bar was envisioned by a Big Ass Fans employee who worked as an auto mechanic for seven years before joining the company. With task lighting a constant source of problems in the shop, he worked with the company’s extensive engineering team to build a light that would meet the stringent needs of auto mechanics.

Big Ass Fans chose to bring the product to Indiegogo to gauge interest and solicit feedback from a broad audience. Funds raised through Indiegogo will be used to make any last-minute changes in product design and to jump-start production. Big Ass Light Bar is expected to be available early next year.

The Big Ass Light Bar will retail for $499 and include a battery, charger and carrying case. Early pre-orders and high-volume orders on Indiegogo will receive discounts ranging from 15 percent to 45 percent.