Event Centers

Center Stage

Stage right, stage left, concessions, hallways, food courts—Big Ass Fans® can be adjusted to provide optimum airflow regardless of facility size or occupancy level. Working solo or hand-in-hand with HVAC systems, Big Ass Fans provide a 10°F (5.6°C) cooling effect and can also help distribute conditioned air throughout the space. Event centers utilize these energy-efficient fans to maintain occupant comfort with a higher A/C set point, saving money without sacrificing comfort.

In winter, slowing Big Ass Fans will gently redirect the warm air that collects at ceilings and balconies back down to the floor. By creating a uniform temperature throughout the space, every seat and inch of floor space feels more comfortable. And because the heating system no longer has to work as hard to maintain the thermostat setpoint, heating expenses can be significantly reduced—up to 30 percent. Bravo!


Transient spaces such as stairwells, atriums, vestibules and lobbies are more than just a path from point A to point B – they’re also some of the most wasteful areas in an event venue, spewing conditioned air outside every time someone opens the door. Our studies show Big Ass Fans can reduce energy use by up to 30 percent in transient spaces while drastically increasing comfort.

Door Prizes

Because Big Ass Fans are so much more energy efficient than multiple standard overhead or pedestal fans, venues that upgrade to Big Ass Fans can often take advantage of energy-saving rebates!

Our hospitality specialists know events, inside and out.

What you need in an event center fan

Massive coverage area • High rating against harsh conditions • Easy to clean