A comfortable state of mind

Operating year-round, Big Ass Fans® provide the much needed air movement to keep your employees and visitors comfortable. Spanning up to 24 feet (7.3m) in diameter, our overhead, portable, misting and directional fans allow you to customize your comfort needs and look good while doing it. Studies* have shown that more comfortable workers are safer and more productive. And, we believe, comfortable visitors are more likely to return.

A steady state

Working hand in hand with HVAC systems, Big Ass Fans provide an additional 10°F (5.6°C) cooling effect while evenly distributing conditioned air throughout a facility. Because of the perceived cooling effect of air movement, you can utilize these silent operating, energy-efficient fans to maintain occupant comfort with a higher AC setpoint, saving money without sacrificing comfort. Big Ass Fans also accommodate the natural ventilation process for facilities without AC, helping to circulate the air within the space.

In winter, slow your Big Ass Fans to gently redirect rising warm air back down to floor level. Keeping the air at a uniform temperature throughout the space improves comfort and reduces heating expenses up to 30 percent. That’s because even though the thermostat remains at the same setting, the heating system no longer has to work as hard to maintain it. And our fans use their size, not speed, to move air, so they require minimal energy to run.

Moving across the state line

Your employees are mobile, so it only seems natural that we follow along. Big Ass Fans’ mobility allows for flexibility in any environment. Our over-sized wheels and ergonomic handle provide superior maneuverability allowing your personnel to pinpoint their comfort needs with exemplary air movement. When air movement is not enough, Big Ass® misting fans, up to 8 ft. (2.5m) in diameter, step up delivering a breeze combined with an ultra-fine mist of water which can lower the actual indoor or outdoor air temperature by up to 25°F (14°C). * Seppänen O, Fisk WJ, Faulkner D. 2003. Cost benefits analysis of the night-time ventilative cooling. In: Proceedings of the Healthy Buildings 2003 Conference, Singapore 2003

Our government specialists know what matters for government facilities.

What you need in a government fan

Massive coverage area • High rating against harsh conditions • Easy to clean