Note: A network reset will only re-broadcast the default Haiku Wi-Fi network. All your product names, rooms, events, and other settings will not be changed.

  1. Press and hold a power button (fan or light) on the remote for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, the blue LED indicators will blink.

  1. Within 30 seconds of the LED indicators blinking, press the (plus) button on the remote. The fan will beep, and its LED indicators will blink rapidly.

  1. When the LED indicators stop blinking, the network reset is complete.

If the above sequence doesn’t work, bring your fan to a complete stop and try the following:

  1. On the remote, press the following button sequence: Whoosh, Whoosh, Clear, Timer, Fan On/Off.
  2. You will hear a beep after pressing each button, indicating that the fan received the command. Note: the fan will only beep if fan beeps were not turned off.
  3. When the network reset is accepted, the fan’s blue indicator lights will form a circle. Check your mobile device’s Wi-Fi settings to make sure the fan’s network is now visible.
  4. After a network reset, your fan’s custom settings (preferences, schedules, etc.) are retained.

To reconnect the fan to the Haiku app, tap Add a Product in the  menu of the app.