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My fan is wobbling during operation.

All fans:

  • Verify that the outlet box or mounting structure is suitable for fan support. For outlet box installations, we recommend a standard UL-listed, fan-rated outlet box be used and installed onto a beam or joist. The outlet box should be marked acceptable for fan support of  70 lb (31.8 kg) or less. (this is for i6 Only) other fans should show “The outlet box should be rated for ceiling fans.”  Most outlet boxes commonly used for hanging light fixtures are not rated for fan support and may need to be replaced.
  • Make sure the airfoil screws are securely tightened. Tighten the six airfoil screws on the bottom of the fan according to the numbered sequence. When finished, repeat the tightening sequence. (i6 & es6 only) 
  • Make sure all mounting hardware is secure and tight.

Universal Mount fans:

    • Make sure the stabilizer is installed at the top of the extension tube and is seated in the correct position. See the installation guide for details.
    • Make sure the mounting ball at the top of the extension tube is properly seated in the mounting bracket with the rib in the mounting bracket seated in the slot in the mounting ball.
    • If guy wires were installed, confirm proper installation. If guy wires were not installed, contact Customer Service.

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