The Big Ass Fans family continues to grow. We’re excited to announce Haldeman Inc. as the distributor of Big Ass Fans products the design and build construction market in Southern California.

Since 1933, Haldeman has provided industry-leading HVAC products to the best engineers and architects on the West Coast. With 40 premium vendors, Haldeman is a one-stop shop for everything a project, large or small, may need.

“Haldeman has the experience and knowledge to deliver for customers from Los Angeles to San Diego,” says Lennie Rhoades, Big Ass Fans CEO. “We’re focused on providing comfort to clients in Southern California just like Haldeman. With their easy-to-use website, customers can request and receive quotations, check product availability and information at their fingertips. It’s that type of experience we’re excited to provide in our systems. It’s all about our customers and making it easy during every step of the process from design to daily use.”

For more on Haldeman visit or call 1-800-621-6918 to get the right Big Ass Fans fit for your space today.