Innovative by Design. Elegant by nature.
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Innovative by Design. Elegant by nature.
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Handcrafted with premium materials and engineered with cutting-edge smart technology.

Product Highlights

Transform your space with the stunning Haiku indoor and outdoor ceiling fan. Without it, your space is just like any other, but with Haiku, you can experience comfortable airflow in a visually appealing design that’s guaranteed to become the centrepiece of your design.

Haiku combines sleek bamboo and aircraft-grade aluminium designs for maximum impact. It’s available in diameter options of 1.3, 1.5, and 2.1 meters, with a patented brushless DC motor that offers unparalleled energy efficiency and whisper-quiet operation. We’re confident you’ll love your Haiku for years to come.

Sloped, Low or High Ceilings

For sloped or high ceilings, Haiku’s Universal Mount is the perfect accessory! The Universal Mount can accommodate ceilings between 2.7 – 4 meters tall. For pitched ceilings or heights outside of this range, please refer to this guide to select the correct optional drop tube kits.

For low, flat ceilings between 2.4 – 3.4 meters, Haiku’s Low-Profile Mount is your go-to. Please note that Haiku fans with a diameter of 2.1 meters cannot go on a 7” Tube accessory.

Specs and Measurements

Discover specifications including weight, height, airflow output and sound level in the Haiku Cutsheet here.

Warranty & Returns

All of our commercial fans come with either a 5-year warranty (indoor) or 3-year warranty (outdoor). Our service department is here to assist with any technical questions you may have here.

Haiku in Driftwood Big Ass Fans

Winner of more than 75 International Design Awards

Premium Finishes

Haiku offers a variety of finishes to match your style, including Caramel Bamboo, Cocoa Bamboo, Driftwood aluminium, White aluminium, and Black aluminium. Each finish highlights the natural materials and sleek aircraft-grade aluminium design of the fan.

Haiku LED Light

Optional LED Light

Looking to craft the perfect ambience in your space? Whether you seek a warm, cozy ambiance or a lively, energising workspace, you’re in complete control. Haiku’s optional LED up or downlights offer a range of colour temperatures and several colour options allowing you to finely tune your lighting to match your preferences.

Haiku LED Light

You’re In Control

Forget the bygone days of the pull chains. Haiku is programmed for easy BMS integration through BAFCon or 0-10 V protocols. Connection via BAFCon allows you to sync up to eight fans effortlessly, featuring SmartSense® automated modes that adjust the fan speeds based on temperature for optimal efficiency, reducing energy consumption without compromising comfort.

comparison chart

Compare features, diameters and finishes in this handy comparison chart.

See how Darwin International Airport reduced their energy bill by $57K in one year.

Smart Ceiling Fan, Smart Modes

Open up to the new possibilities

Intelligence paves the way to instant gratification. Built-in smart mode technology is designed to adapt to your every need at the push of a button.


Simulates a natural breeze by continually varying your fan’s speed up and down.

SenseME Motion Sensing

Built-in motion sensors detect when you enter or leave a room, turning the fan or light on and off automatically.


Set your fan to automatically shut off and turn on during a specified period of time.


Simultaneously control all fans in the same space.

SenseME Temperature Sensing

Temperature and humidity sensors in your Haiku remote monitor your room’s conditions, automatically adjusting the fan speed to deliver your ideal temperature.

How we find the perfect solution

How we find the perfect solution


By combining computational fluid dynamics (CFD) with airflow data collected in our state-of-the-art Research & Development facility, our airflow experts use SpecLab® to customise and test their recommended cooling solution before it’s installed—saving you both time and money by avoiding ineffective cooling solutions.


Based on our findings, we’ll provide a full recommendation of Big Ass fans specifically designed to fit your space and address your concerns. With our personalised approach, you can trust that you’ll receive a customised solution that maximises comfort.


At Big Ass Fans, we’re committed to providing support from start to finish. That’s why we offer professional installation from our Certified Installer Network. Our team will coordinate your project from beginning to end, working around your schedule to minimise interruptions.

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