Stay comfy at home or work with Big Ass Fans


Stay comfy at home or work with Big Ass Fans
Here you will find inspiration and ideas for designing your ideal space with our range of innovative and stylish products. Browse through our carefully curated collection of images and see how Big Ass Fans can transform any room, whether it’s a cozy bedroom, a spacious office, or a modern cafe.

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Education Lookbook

Be inspired by the power of airflow as we take you on a journey through our range of innovative and stylish fans. Whether you’re looking to bring comfort to the classroom, cafeteria, or school hall, we’ve got you covered.

Conversations with Architects

Our fans have been trusted by top architects across Australia for their energy efficiency, sleek designs, and powerful airflow. Whether you’re looking to cool down your outdoor living space, create a more comfortable environment for your family, or simply add a statement piece to your home, our curated collection by our partnered architects has something for everyone.

Commercial and Industrial Lookbook

Showcasing our collection of industrial and commercial Big Ass fans that are engineered to keep large spaces cool and comfortable. From warehouses and factories to gymnasiums and agricultural facilities, we have a fan solution to meet the unique needs of your industrial or commercial setting.

Residential Fan Buyers Guide

Our Buyers Guide includes quick reference charts on how to select the perfect fan for your space.

How big ass fans can help reduce carbon emissions and cut costs for businesses

In this whitepaper, we’ll show you how incorporating high-volume, low-speed fans into your building design can help combat climate change by reducing your carbon footprint.

The Low Down on HVLS

Looking for an efficient and effective way to regulate airflow in large commercial and industrial settings? Look no further than HVLS fans, or High-Volume Low-Speed fans. Discover more about HVLS fans in our interactive infographic.

How Improving Ventilation Leads to Workplace Wellness

Come take a refreshing plunge with us as we explore the cool world of ventilation in buildings and how to create a comfortable and healthy spaces. With Australia’s hot and humid climate, increasing the airflow in a room is an easy way to make those sweltering workdays more bearable.

Haiku Living

For over 20 years, Big Ass Fans has been dedicated to providing custom comfort solutions to everyone, everywhere. Your home makes a statement about you and your fan should too. Discover 80 pages of inspiration, designed to help you express your style with handcrafted designs and customisable finishes.

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