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Reduce injury risk

Heat can be a killer. Protect your employees against the dangers of heat-related injuries with our range of industrial fans.
Built with the power to move massive amounts of air and endure demanding conditions, Big Ass Fans are guaranteed to work when you need them most.

Real Results from our R&D facility

We purpose-built our fans to endure demanding conditions and to guarantee they’ll work when you need them most. Check out these live tests from our Research and Development facility.

Helping incorporate airflow with these fine establishments

Overhead Fans

We design and engineer our fans to stand the test of time. However, should you require help, no one is better to service your product than a Big Ass Fan Certified Installer.

Powerfoil X3

Ideal for spaces that need power, durability and unmatched airflow.

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Powerfoil D

Ideal for spaces that need quiet, powerful airflow.

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Directional FANS

Reach those hard-to-reach places with Big Ass Fans range of directional fans. Available in a variety of mounting and portable options and backed by a 5-year warranty.


Perfect for smaller spaces that need portable airflow.

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Flexible airflow for those hard-working areas that need a durable solution.

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Perfect for large spaces that need portable airflow.

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Yellow Jacket

Tough, rugged, and durable for those spaces that need spot cooling.

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The flexible big fan for all those hard-to reach spaces.

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Evaporative Coolers

Like a portable air conditioner, but better – evaporative coolers quickly bring the temperature down in indoor facilities. 


Perfect for large open spaces, service bays and stadiums

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Our Projects

Whether it’s reducing heat, protecting employees against heat injuries or improving ventilation, find real solutions in projects showcasing pioneering comfort solutions.

Mackay Building Suppliers

Learn how Mackay building suppliers were able to improve employee retention and productivity.

Asics Oceania

Learn how Asics Oceania utilized Big Ass Fans to improve employee safety and boost productivity.

Darwin International Airport

With a sustainable mindset, the airport used Big Ass Fans to reduce their energy bill by $57K per year.

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