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Wanting to see the impact Big Ass Fans will make on your project? SpecLab is an airflow CFD simulation tool that allows designers to customize and test their ideas in the early design phase.

Helping incorporate airflow with these fine establishments

Validate Designs

Avoid costly re-engineering with the detailed insights from our simulation. Evaluate and optimise your design’s thermal comfort performance including PVM and PPD values.

Save time & Money

Unlike other CFD simulations, SpecLab is a complementary service we offer our Trade Partners. Our airflow experts will work with you in finding the best solution to meet your design briefs.

How to design HVAC sustainably

Join our Engineer Ario Narisworoputro and Airflow Expert Daniel Blundell as they explore sustainability, understand the current landscape, how to gain those Green Star or Nabers Ratings, and break down a real example from Darwin International Airport and how by incorporating air movement into their terminal, they now save $57K off their energy expenses.

Real data from our R&D facility

Our 4,180-square-meter research lab at our US headquarters is specifically designed to test big fans. Whether we’re creating prototypes, measuring air coverage, or building new safety systems, the live tests at this LEED Gold-certified R&D facility feed real data directly into our SpecLab simulations.

Our Projects

Find inspiration in projects showcasing pioneering comfort solutions in world-leading architectural designs.

Cyrstalbrook Collection Hotels

Each sustainable hotel and resort carries an authentic expression of its location.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Nestled in the arches of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, Bridge Climb sees thousands of climbs a day.

Darwin International Airport

With a sustainable mindset, the airport used Big Ass Fans to reduce their energy bill by $57K per year.

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