Flexible airflow for hard-to-reach areas
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Flexible airflow for hard-to-reach areas
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A hardy fan for the everyman. AirEye delivers directional comfort with an IP65-rated, energy-efficient design. Perfect for warehouses with racking, facilities with low ceilings, and production lines.

Product Highlights

AirEye is built to withstand harsh conditions in industrial warehouses with robust and hardwearing materials. It features a durable IP65-rated steel construction that makes it dustproof, water-resistant, and maintenance-free.

Available in diameters of 51, 61, 76, and 91 cm, AirEye can deliver powerful airflow up to 40 meters away, covering an area of over 191 sqm (76cm diameter).

Energy Usage

With AirEye’s energy-efficient motor, this fan uses minimal energy to deliver powerful airflow, creating comfortable conditions far more efficiently than air conditioning.

By reducing existing HVAC costs by up to 30%, AirEye pays for itself in no time. And with an estimated annual operational cost of just $375 per year (about $1.44 per day), you can enjoy the benefits of this energy-efficient fan without breaking the bank.

Airflow Mapping

Uncertain if Big Ass fans will make a difference? We get it. That’s why we created an interactive, science-based software tool that allows us to show how our fans and evaporative coolers will create energy-efficient comfort. See how we do it here.

Specs and Measurements

Discover specifications including weight, height, airflow output and sound level in the AirEye Cutsheet here.

Warranty & Returns

AirEye comes with a 5 warranty. Our service department is here to assist with any technical questions you may have here

High Performance Design

Ditch the Rickety Fans

Designed with an IP65-rated EC motor and steel frame, AirEye can withstand dusty, harsh warehouse conditions so your workforce stays comfortable and productive. Best part? If your AirEye is dirty, just spray it down!

Cutting Edge Controls

With the optional premium BAFCon® controller, AirEye offers advanced functionality such as BMS integration, the ability to sync up to eight fans, and patented occupancy sensors. These sensors automatically adjust fan speeds based on movement in the area, ensuring optimal efficiency.

Mix and Match Mounts

Racking in the way? Good news: AirEye comes with a wide range of mounting options to meet your airflow needs, even in narrow spaces and aisles.

US made, local support

Our AirEye was designed and built in our custom-made manufacturing facility in Lexington, Kentucky. Stocked locally for quick dispatch, with a Brisbane-based support team and national network of certified installers for a seamless experience.

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How we find the perfect solution

How we find the perfect solution


Size does Matter! The optimal performance of our fans is directly linked to their size and positioning within your facility. Our team visits your facility to measure and evaluate the space, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.


By combining computational fluid dynamics (CFD) with airflow data collected in our state-of-the-art Research & Development facility, our airflow experts use SpecLab® to customise and test their recommended cooling solution before it’s installed—saving you both time and money by avoiding ineffective cooling solutions.


Based on our findings, we’ll provide a full recommendation of Big Ass fans specifically designed to fit your space and address your concerns. With our personalised approach, you can trust that you’ll receive a customised solution that maximises comfort.


At Big Ass Fans, we’re committed to providing support from start to finish. That’s why we offer professional installation from our Certified Installer Network. Our team will coordinate your project from beginning to end, working around your schedule to minimise interruptions.

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