Case Studies

Looking for inspiration? Check out our range
of commercial, industrial and residential fans
in these fine locations.

Case Studies

Looking for inspiration? Check out our range of commercial, industrial and residential fans in these fine locations.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Based in Sydney, summer can be increasingly hot and humid, with climbers getting dressed in head-to-toe protective wear before going on the climb. Discover how Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb used Big Ass Fans to create a comfortable environment for their guests.

Darwin International Airport

In 2019, Big Ass Fans installed 10 Essence high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans in the foyer of Darwin International Airport, which resulted in a significant reduction in energy use. Discover the full story below.

Asics Oceania

Learn how Asics Oceania utilized Big Ass Fans to improve employee comfort and boost productivity.

Crystalbrook Collection

Big Ass Fans worked with Crystalbrook Collection, a luxury hotel chain, to provide energy-efficient airflow solutions. Big Ass Fans installed Haiku and Essence fans in the hotels’ public spaces and guest rooms, providing both style and functionality. Discover how Big Ass Fans helped reduce energy consumption, while maintaining a comfortable and luxurious environment for guests.

Brisbane Bayside State College

The Multi-Purpose Hall at BBSC has posed a persistent challenge for maintaining a comfortable and cool environment for students and staff, especially during exams, sporting events, and assemblies. However, with the right solution, they were able to transform the space and ensure students remain cool and focused. Read on to discover more.

Arcke Architecture

Arcke Architecture is committed to sustainable design and creating spaces that are comfortable, functional, and energy-efficient. In collaboration with Big Ass Fans, Arcke Architecture used Haiku I by Big Ass Fans to reducing energy consumption, costs, and improving occupant comfort. Discover more below.

NASA Langley Centre

When NASA gives you the thumbs up, you know you’re doing something right. In partnership with NASA Langley Centre, Big Ass Fans worked to eliminate the
condensation issues that had been plaguing the hangar and improve employee comfort.

CrewFit Gym

Discover how Crewfit in NSW kept their patrons cool and comfortable during the hot months without relying on air conditioning, thanks to the installation of a number of i6 and Essence fans by Big Ass Fans.

Mackay Building Supplies

With the help of the Big Ass Fans airflow experts, Mackay building suppliers were able to improve employee retention and productivity significantly over the summer months. With a personalised airflow solution, their staff and customers can’t get enough of the sheer volume of air they move.

Bryon Bay Bliss with The Block Host – Shelley Craft

As a renowned TV host and lifestyle expert, Shelley Craft understands the importance of creating comfortable and stylish living spaces. That’s why she turned to Haiku Fans, the innovative line of ceiling fans from Big Ass Fans, to enhance the aesthetics and comfort of her home. Learn more about her styling choices below.

Resort Living at home with 2020 The Block Contestants – Harry & Tash

As contestants on The Block 2020, Harry and Tash had to create a stunning and comfortable living space that would impress the judges and potential buyers. To achieve this, they needed the best quality and most efficient products on the market. That’s why they chose to install Haiku Fans from Big Ass Fans in their living area.

HMAS Platypus

Located in Neutral Bay on the north shore of Sydney Harbour, HMAS Platypus is a totem of Australia’s naval history. With the help of Big Ass Fans, HMAS Platypus was able to provide a cooling solution without impacting the historical nature of the building.

Anytime Fitness

Gone are the days of sacrificing comfort for energy efficiency. Discover how Anytime Fitness, a leading gym chain, slashed their energy costs by up to $6,000.

Paddy’s Market

In Sydney’s renowned Paddy’s Market, stall owners grappled with stifling humidity, leading to accelerated food spoilage. Thanks to an innovative solution from Big Ass Fans, ventilation was significantly enhanced, resulting in extended freshness for the market’s array of fruits and vegetables.

Hasting Deering

With more than 3,000 employees Hastings Deering understands the benefits of keeping a workforce comfortable as well as safe. Mitigating against heat stress for the safety of employees emerged as a key priority for Hastings Deering and the company embarked on the HEAT project in 2021 to understand the options and best solution for their business. Discover their findings here.

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