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Big Ass Fans offer a full fleet of cooling solutions tailored to your school to easily tackle student and teacher comfort.

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Large Fans

Our large overhead fans are designed to provide superior comfort and energy efficiency in any space. Available in seven sizes from 3.7 meters to 7.3 meters.

Powerfoil X3

Ideal for spaces that need power, durability and unmatched airflow.

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Small FANS

Our small overhead fans are designed to bring whisper-quiet comfort to classrooms across Australia. Available in a variety of sizes.


Ideal for larger spaces that need quiet, powerful airflow that is easy on the eyes.

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Haiku I

Perfect for projects that need a quality, budget friendly option.

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Haiku L

Perfect for small spaces that need a quality, powerful and durable fan.

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Directional Fans

Our directional fans are designed to provide superior comfort in a portable package, perfect for gyms or outdoor classes on the oval.


Perfect for smaller spaces that need portable airflow.

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How we find the perfect solution

How we find the perfect solution


Size does Matter! The optimal performance of our fans is directly linked to their size and positioning within your facility. Our team visits your facility to measure and evaluate the space, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.


By combining computational fluid dynamics (CFD) with airflow data collected in our state-of-the-art Research & Development facility, our airflow experts use SpecLab® to customise and test their recommended cooling solution before it’s installed—saving you both time and money by avoiding ineffective cooling solutions.


Based on our findings, we’ll provide a full recommendation of Big Ass fans specifically designed to fit your space and address your concerns. With our personalised approach, you can trust that you’ll receive a customised solution that maximises comfort.


At Big Ass Fans, we’re committed to providing support from start to finish. That’s why we offer professional installation from our Certified Installer Network. Our team will coordinate your project from beginning to end, working around your schedule to minimise interruptions.

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