Big Ass® Light today unveiled the Big Ass High Bay LED, a brilliant, long-lasting LED light fixture designed specifically to address common issues in industrial and commercial facilities.

Unlike competing fixtures that are made of stamped sheet metal, the Big Ass High Bay LED is robustly constructed to withstand the rigors of even the toughest environments. Built of a solid piece of heavy-duty, extruded aluminum, the Big Ass High Bay LED features ribbed fins to increase its surface area. That design allows the entire structure to act as a heat sink, quickly dissipating heat that can shorten the lifespan of LEDs. The design ensures the fixture’s LEDs stay brighter for longer.

The Big Ass High Bay LED’s innovative design accommodates both the ever-changing needs and uses of industrial and commercial facilities. Its patent-pending lumen maintenance tray protects the LEDs from the unavoidable dirt and debris that quickly accumulates in these workspaces. When the tray does get dirty, it can easily be removed, wiped clean and returned, so the LEDs stay vivid for up to 150,000 hours. The tray also provides light distribution options, allowing facilities to redirect lights to narrow, regular or wide angles as floor layouts change. An easy-access panel lets users swap out drivers and other components, so the Big Ass High Bay LED never becomes outdated.

The Big Ass High Bay LED is a long-term, energy-efficient and money-saving solution. Big Ass Light is so confident about the fixture’s performance that the company backs the product with a seven-year, bumper-to-bumper warranty.