The Garage Light by Big Ass Light is a new industrial-grade fixture ideal for the often-ignored garage or workshop.

Big Ass Fans® today unleashed the souped-up Garage Light, which brings the company’s breakthrough industrial lighting technology and crush-proof construction to home garages and workshops.

These premium LEDs deliver 13,000 lumens of ultra-bright light, ensuring you’ll never again need extra lights while at the workbench or looking under the hood. Cutting-edge construction employs a single piece of extruded aluminum for unmatched strength. A patented ribbed-fin quickly dissipates heat, protecting the LEDs, drivers and other electronics.

Other fixtures use low-quality poured molds that trap air, retaining heat longer and dimming LEDs. But the Big Ass Garage Light lasts up to 150,000 hours, blowing away the latest 60- to 100-watt equivalent LED bulbs, which typically last between 20,000 and 35,000 hours. That’s nearly 70 years at six hours of daily use – four times longer than the average fixture.

The Garage Light is sold with a seven-year bumper-to-bumper warranty. For more information or to order, visit