Cool-Space® 400 Evaporative Cooler

New motor. New blades. New terrain.
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Cool-Space® 400 Evaporative Cooler

New motor. New blades. New terrain.
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A swamp cooler with more swagger, ready for the Canadian landscape! Armed with a re-designed motor and new aerodynamic fan blades, Cool-Space 400 delivers more efficient, nearly silent airflow for up to 10 hours in spaces up to 334 square meters (3600 square feet).

Now available with an All-Terrain package, Cool-Space 400 is the most durable, powerful, and portable evaporative cooler on the planet!

  • Quickly cools indoor and outdoor spaces up to 18° C
  • Re-designed DC motor and new aerodynamic fan blades
  • 46-gallon reservoir provides up to 10 hours of hose-free operation
  • 344 square meters (3600 square feet) of coverage
  • Optional All-Terrain package includes off-road tires and push/pull bar for added portability
  • Greenguard-certified and algae and mold resistant media for cleaner and more efficient performance
  • Durable protectant exterior and stainless steel media cover for improved life-span in the most extreme industrial environments
  • Industry-leading 5-year warranty


Have an off-brand fan that can’t get the job done? With our trade-up program, we’ll give you credit for that “other” fan when you upgrade to an authentic Big Ass Fans product.

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Easy, Intuitive Controls

Get the precise level of cooling airflow you need with Cool-Space 400’s variable speed dial. And for those times where you only want the built-in fan, the pump is equipped with an on/off switch for easy transition between modes.

Ultimate Cooling Combo: Fans and Coolers

Combining Cool-Space evaporative coolers with Big Ass fans delivers a powerhouse cooling effect that’s second to none.

When you pair your Cool-Space coolers with our industrial overhead fans, cold air is distributed throughout your facility.

When used in tandem with overhead fans, Cool-Space coolers provide maximum cooling and coverage, silently delivering comfort and energy savings to your facility without costly A/C use.

Like a Portable Air Conditioner, But Better

When you need versatile comfort solutions, Big Ass Fans always delivers. What can we say, our units are just cooler than off brand options. Cool-Space 400 makes a perfect:

  • Fitness center evaporative cooler
  • Evaporative cooler for gyms
  • Factory evaporative air cooler
  • Warehouse air cooler
  • Outdoor dining portable air cooler
  • Patio cooler for restaurant
  • Portable evaporative cooler for outdoors
  • Portable evaporative cooler for business

SpecLab® Custom Airflow Analysis

Our proprietary SpecLab software uses 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to simulate our fans’ airflow in your space, giving you an accurate look at our fans’ performance before you buy.

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Perfect for shop areas

“Cools our shop down enough to work comfortably in Texas heat”

5 Stars

Lives up to its name!

“It gets miserably hot in our production warehouse.
This fan is a huge difference-maker. We will be purchasing another one.”

5 Stars

Like having AC on wheels

“Bought 1 a year ago to help cool our shop and it worked so well that we bought a second one for our other shop.”

5 Stars

Best swamp cooler I have owned

“I could not be happier with how this swamp cooler performs. I have had two other coolers in the past and this one is by far our favorite.”

5 Stars

Big Ass Awesomeness

“They are the perfect size, not too noisy, and cools the area down in the hot summer months. I am a huge fan of these BIG ASS FANS!”

5 Stars

Defeat Extreme Heat

Getting beat down by extreme heat? It’s time to upgrade to a Cool-Space evaporative cooler! Take the first step by contacting a Big Ass Fans cooling expert to discuss your cooling needs, or get a risk-free custom quote. Call 844-924-4277 to talk to an airflow expert today.