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What is destratification?

Destratification occurs when a powerful, purpose-built destratification fan, like Hornet, gently forces warm air trapped at the ceiling downward, creating a more uniform temperature from ceiling to floor and wall to wall and eliminating cold spots along the way. Destratification isn’t just a concept – it’s a revolution in comfort and efficiency.

How much energy can you save?

With its ability to produce 1000-6000 CFM (CFMs?) per unit, Hornet provides 3.5 times the airflow of our nearest competitor while only using ~ 10% of the power. This means drastically lowered energy bills, lower upfront costs and lower installation burden. Hornet is also the quietest destrat fan on the market, so the only sound you’re likely to hear is the sound of your accountant cheering when she opens the utility bill!

How do HVLS fans work with Hornet?

HVLS are designed to move a massive volume of air at extremely low speeds. This means, like Hornet, HVLS fans are capable of constantly mixing indoor air and creating a more even temperature distribution. HVLS fans are a great option for facilities with open, unobstructed spaces that require destratification while Hornet is your best (and sometimes only) destrat option for heavily congested or obstructed areas, like racking aisles.

What is storage resiliency?

Storage resiliency is all about creating the most stable storage environment possible, which can be a challenge in extreme industrial environments. Since Hornet can destratify your indoor air during cooler months AND create a cooling effect in the warmer months (due to its ability to run at elevated speeds as well),it’s a game-changer for increasing storage stability, lowering spoilage rates, and improving marketability for contract logistics providers.

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