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Obsidian Technical Documents and FAQs


About Obsidian

Can the heaters be used indoors?

In a residential install, Only the 1500w models can be used indoors. All models can be used outdoors residentially. UL and CSA do not allow glowing type radiant heaters greater than 1500w to be used indoor in a residential application. All can be used indoors or outdoors commercially. All installations and clearances must be met as per the manual.

What is the lifespan of the bulb?

The lifespan of the bulb is 5000-7000 hrs.

Can I paint my heater?

No, we do not recommend painting the heater and if you choose to do it, the warranty will be nullified.

Is there any maintenance that needs to be done on the heater after installation?

We recommend wiping the reflectors down with isopropyl alcohol and a lint free cloth 2x per year. Be sure that the heater is powered off and disconnected when this is done. If the reflector is not clean, it will reduce the performance and life of the heater. In seaside environments, salt spray will deposit on the reflector and emitter. In seaside environments, the reflector and emitter should be cleaned more frequently, and should be cleaned if salt deposits can be seen on the heater or reflector.

What is the warmup time?

The heaters take approximately 15 seconds to heat at full output.

Can the heater be installed vertically?

No, the heater needs to be installed as per the manual only. Any deviations will void the warranty.

Are the heaters weatherproof?

The heaters are IP65 rated to withstand rain and snow. It is recommended to install under a covered area to increase longevity.

Do you offer protective covers for heaters when not being used?

No, we do not offer covers.

Do I need a new heater if the bulb dies?

The bulb in the Obsidian heater is fully replaceable, instructions on replacing the bulb can be found in your owner’s manual.

Can I Recess/Flush Mount the Obsidian Heater?

No, the Obsidian cannot be flush/recess mounted.

How long are the cords on the heaters when purchased?

The 1500w heaters come with 8’ cord and a plug end and wall brackets. The 3000w comes with a 6’ cord, wall and ceiling brackets and no plug end. The 6000 come with no cords, and wall and ceiling brackets. Heaters are recommended to be installed by a certified electrician with a GFI receptacle.


Controlling Obsidian

Is the IR remote compatible with all heaters or are they specific to each heater?

The 1500w and 3000w use the same remote, and 1 remote can control multiple 1500w and 3000w heaters as they are in line of sight. The 6000w has a different remote which will not work with the 1500w or 3000w, but 1 remote can still control multiple 6000w heaters.

Do I need to pair my remote to the heater?

No, the remote included with the heater or any replacement remotes do not require any type of pairing.

Will these heaters integrate with building management systems?

The Obsidian heaters come with on board control that communicated via line of sight to the included remote. These heaters cannot integrate with building management systems.

Can I plug my heaters into a 120V outlet?

Yes, only 1500W, 120V heater can be plugged into a standard socket (GFI protected for outdoor use). All other heaters require 208/240V power, hardwired by a licensed electrician.

Why is my unit shutting off?

If you are in remote mode, the unit will shut off after 8 hours of run time. You can bypass this by switching your unit to PCB bypass which will allow the unit to be indefinitely on. This is applicable for the 1500w/3200w units only.

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