Destratification Leads To Year-Round Savings


As one of Canada’s largest retailers, Canadian Tire has 500 locations across the country. Not long ago, Scott Bodnar took ownership of its Vegreville store in Alberta, and began looking for ways to reduce expenses. “We were pumping air conditioning to the floor through the summer heat on the roof, which was very inefficient,” Bodnar said. And in winter, he noticed there was never snow on the roof because it was so warm. This told him it might be the first place he could save some money. Bodnar went looking for a way to get “that massive volume of heat on the roof down to floor level.”


Working with Big Ass’ Canadian office, Bodnar chose an Essence and a ShopFan. Installation took place in winter: “There was a big difference. You could immediately feel the hot air coming down from the ceiling,” Bodnar said. The fans have made summer more comfortable too. Bodnar can leave the A/C off and stay cool. “Every employee has personally thanked me for installing the Big Ass Fans,” he said. “They’ve allowed me to improve working conditions for my staff, shopping conditions for my customers, and cut expenses, too.”

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“It’s not only the electricity savings, it’s that with the Big Ass Fans I don’t have to replace my HVAC filters for the summer season, a $600-$700 bill, and I save months of wear-and-tear on the belts, another $200 or $300. That’s a lot of money.”

Scott Bodnar, Associate Dealer, Canadian Tire