Haiku® I Outdoor

Bringing comfort and elegance within reach.
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Haiku® I Outdoor

Bringing comfort and elegance within reach.
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Haiku® I Outdoor

Starting at $2,695

The award-winning iconic Haiku design and unmatched airflow in a more affordable package. Perfect for the front porch, back patio, or outdoor entertainment area.

Product Highlights

Transform your space with the stunning Haiku I outdoor ceiling fan. Featuring a whisper-quiet brushless DC motor and a three-bladed design, this fan provides refreshing coolness up to 6°C.

Available in diameter options of 1.3 and 1.5 meters, with an IP-rated motor to protect against the elements, no matter what the forecast says, we’re confident you’ll love your Haiku I for years to come.

Sloped, Low or High Ceilings

For sloped or high ceilings, Haiku’s Universal Mount is the perfect accessory! The Universal Mount included with your Haiku fan can accommodate ceilings between 3.2 – 4 meters tall. For pitched ceilings or heights outside of this range, please refer to this guide to select the correct optional drop tube kits.

For low, flat ceilings between 2.4 – 3.4 meters, Haiku’s Low-Profile Mount is your go-to. Please note that Haiku fans with a diameter of 2.1 meters cannot go on a 7” Tube accessory.

Specs and Measurements

Discover specifications including weight, height, airflow output and sound level in the Haiku I Cutsheet here.

Warranty & Returns

All of our residential fans come with either a 5-year warranty (indoor) or 3-year warranty (outdoor). Our service department is here to assist with any technical questions you may have here.

Winner of more than 75 International Design Awards

Premium Finishes

Haiku I is available in two elegant colour options – black and white. The fan’s blades are made of a durable composite material that ensures effective cooling and comfort in any space.


Say goodbye to annoying wobbling and ticking fans. With Haiku I, you’ll enjoy perfectly balanced, whisper-quiet fans that scoop the air to create a refreshing breeze. So, you can beat the heat and enjoy peaceful, soundless days during those hot summer months.

Optional LED Light

Upgrade your Haiku I fan with our optional warm LED light, available in a downlight configuration. With 80% more energy efficiency than traditional incandescent bulbs, the Haiku I LED light provides soft, luxurious illumination while saving you money on your energy bill. Choose the perfect lighting option to complement your decor and enhance your space.

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