XL Service BOdies


Blazing Queensland temperatures and humidity created uncomfortable working conditions at XL Service Bodies, industry leading manufacturer of service truck bodies. Inefficient floor fans were only making more complications with dust and debris, as well as causing a disruption. “We’re in an industrial environment, so adding more noise is not what you want. When you turned our old fans on, they were a hard start and made a lot of noise,” says owner and managing director, JP Shelburn. The floor fans could only target small, specific areas too, so summer heat resulted in employees fighting for the fans.


After seeing Big Ass Fans in action and researching proven benefits, JP knew he’d found the comfort solution for his 12,000 sq. metre factory. Three Powerfoil X3.0 fans were installed for year-round airflow, with the fan speed determined by current weather conditions. Once JP saw the immediate improvement the fans made, he proceeded to install Big Ass Light LEDs over their welding bays and quality assurance line. “The lights are fantastic! You could buy a cheap LED made in China that doesn’t have any support, or backup, or quality standard. Or, you pay a little more for Big Ass Lights and get what you really want.”

“Big Ass Fans provide great value and a real return on investment. I’ve done the math — if you’re in business for the long run, Big Ass Fans and Lights are the right decision.”

JP Shelburn, Owner and Managing Director

XL Service Bodies