Polished Aluminum Haiku 84 by Big Ass Fans.Big Ass Fans® unveiled today the polished aluminum Haiku®, a ceiling fan with a mirrored finish so exceptional, it deserves the white glove treatment – literally.

Haiku’s aircraft-grade aluminum airfoils are hand-polished for more than four hours to achieve this level of shine. Technicians wear white gloves throughout the manufacturing process to ensure a pristine finish.

Beyond its innovative exterior, the polished aluminum Haiku is engineered with a stainless steel chassis to reinforce a permanent magnet motor.

With its gleaming surface, the polished aluminum Haiku boasts a mirrored finish evocative of classic cars and Art Deco styling. It adds a muscular pop to garages, bar areas and man caves, and a splash of sophistication to showplace spaces such as restaurants, shops, atriums and auditoriums.