Architectural Record Record ProductsArchitectural Record magazine has honored the Haiku® residential ceiling fan by Big Ass Fans® as a top pick in its 2012 Record Products contest.

The annual contest sees a jury of architects, designers and product specialists review the best new building products. “Our jury was as tough as you’d expect,” the publication wrote in announcing the winners. “We hope the results of our jury’s intense scrutiny will help in your ongoing search for the perfect product solution.”

Haiku is a complete reinvention of the residential ceiling fan. With its sleek design, top-quality materials, handcrafted construction and precision engineering, Haiku has attracted the attention of award juries worldwide, including the exclusive red dot.

Rated by ENERGY STAR® as the most efficient ceiling fan, Haiku exceeds the program’s performance criteria by 450%. While typical residential ceiling fans require 90 to 110 W of electrical input power, Haiku uses only 2 to 30 W for an operating cost of about $5 a year.

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