Airport Complexes
Despite serving their own unique purposes, terminals, concourses and security check points share the same predicament: how to maintain comfort with fluctuating temperatures, vast ceiling heights and dramatic variations in occupancy.


Clear Skies Ahead
While the perks of a personal hangar are sweet, heating, cooling and maintaining comfort within can be a beast. Big Ass Fans® has learned to combat these challenges, leading to a more comfortable environment and significant energy savings.


Summer Breeze Makes Technicians Feel Fine
The perceived cooling effect of air movement—which Big Ass Fans® specialize in—can make a person feel up to 10°F (5.6°C) cooler. That perceived cooling translates to more comfortable, more focused technicians.


Comfort For All Seasons
Big Ass Fans® increase air movement in any type of facility so your technicians and guests feel more comfortable while you take energy savings to the bank.


Numerous Models, Numerous Options
Your dealership’s spaces are as diverse as your inventory. Showrooms, service centers, detail bays, storage facilities—they’re all important to the success of your operation, and each presents its own unique comfort challenges.


We Know Big
Large trucks and equipment require large showrooms and service areas. Following this logic, large showrooms and service areas require large fans to provide consistent comfort on a massive scale-Big Ass Fans®, to be exact.


First Appearances
Your customers will thank you. Your technicians will thank you. Even your HVAC system will thank you. Air movement goes a long way when maintaining comfort in both conditioned and non-conditioned spaces.


Keep It Dry
By maintaining consistent temperatures from ceiling to floor and wall to wall, Big Ass Fans® are an energy-efficient approach to producing consistent produce, reducing condensation and boosting worker comfort and productivity.


Summer Comfort
Farmers live and work at the mercy of the weather, and all too often that includes hot and cold days working on equipment in the shop. Beat the summer heat and improve winter work conditions with a single solution:


The Big Show
Fairground managers know concert halls, coliseums, arenas and other large, conditioned venues are expensive to maintain during the hot summer months when most facilities host the year’s biggest events.


Horse and Owner’s Unseen Enemy
Dedicated horsemen and women pride themselves on safe, clean, well-run barns and facilities where horses and riders can thrive. However, maintaining high health and comfort standards in enclosed areas where horses…


Dairy Cattle (And Their Other Four-legged Friends)
Considering we like to drink milk year round, it only seems fair that cows are comfortable no matter the season. The same holds true for other livestock varieties.


The Big Kahun-Ass
Along with the rides, the slides, the rivers and the waves, theme parks get a boost from Big Ass Fans®.


Comfort From Above
Big Ass Fans® were originally designed to circulate air throughout tall, large spaces, such as dairy barns and airplane hangars. But who knows more about cathedral ceilings than cathedral managers?


An Award-winning Performance
From opera to hard rock, a Shakespearean sonnet to a string quartet, your guests are there to enjoy the performance. Big Ass Fans® silently move the air, offering an intermission from uncomfortable conditions.


Spectator Comfort
Summer afternoons at a ball game are a lot more comfortable with the addition of Big Ass Fans®. Even in large, non-conditioned spaces like stadiums…


A Welcome Guest
A joyous occasion, a great meal and a dance-worthy band are a few of the key ingredients to a successful event. But provide an uncomfortable venue, and that will be the only lasting memory.


Big Fans On Display
Looking for a way to set your shop apart from the rest? Big Ass Fans® are always in style.


Serious Business
Always on time, never leaves early, works hard all day … wouldn’t it be nice if you could say that about all your employees? Big Ass Fans® operate year round, providing much-needed air movement quietly and efficiently.


Center Stage
Stage right, stage left, concessions, hallways, food courts—Big Ass Fans® can be adjusted to provide optimum airflow regardless of facility size or occupancy level. Working solo…


Ncrease Retention And Profits
Want your customers to stay longer, have a couple more drinks, order dessert and come back again? Of course you do! One of the simplest ways to retain diners is to ensure they’re comfortable.


The Ultimate Workout
Working just as hard as your members (or maybe even harder), Big Ass Fans® create air movement to make a person feel up to 10°F (5.6°C) cooler without the clutter, noise and trip hazard of floor fans.


The Right Equipment
Whether your facility is open 12 hours a day or 24/7, Big Ass Fans® work around the clock. Providing comfort to a room full of Pilates enthusiasts at sundown or the lone elliptical rider in the wee hours of the morning.


Teamwork Or Individual
From high school gyms to NFL sporting arenas, Big Ass Fans® add much-needed air movement to maintain comfort for athletes and spectators.


Our Pledge To You
It’s the government. We, “the people,” are conditioned to complain about it. Here at Big Ass Fans®, however, we provide one less thing for “the people” to complain about: comfort.


Big Ass Fans Valor
Whether your troops work in an office or a hangar, indoors or out, solving comfort issues can be troublesome. Installing Big Ass Fans® is not.


A Comfortable State Of Mind
Operating year-round, Big Ass Fans® provide the much needed air movement to keep your employees and visitors comfortable. Spanning up to 24 feet (7.3m) in diameter, our overhead, portable…


Bright Lights, Big City, Bigger Fans
You take pride in your city just like we take pride in our products. With this in mind we can form a lasting partnership.


Big Fan On Campus
From bookstore rotundas to natatoriums, vast recreation centers to open-air stadiums, and even dorm rooms, Big Ass Fans® take top honors in year-round comfort.


Circulating Knowledge
Classrooms, recreation centers, libraries and cafeterias are designed to house more students and operate more intelligently than ever before, often hosting a variety of activities.


Discomfort Makes You Pay (Literally)
Warehouse operations depend on each team member’s speed and accuracy to get the job done, but workplace discomfort stemming from extreme temperatures and poor lighting can cripple their efficiency and motivation…